You bring out my light and my dark,my shadow and my bright warmth. Anyone can see me passing,like a flash of lightning,but only youcan tempt me into stayingstill for long enoughto truly be seen. With you I allow myself to stayand unfold like a sweetly blooming flower,rather than dashing offinto the darkness,a runaway rose,a closed bud with the seductive scentthat promises a blossoming,and gives nothing,opens … Continue reading Blossoming

Let Your Admiration Run Free

I await someone  Who’s not afraid to be dramatic, who will punctuate each day with flourishing touches, And call me the most  Beautiful being in the universe, So I can be as dramatic in return. I’ll say, “You are a god to me You probably existed before time itself, You probably swept the lands  With your mind alone, And discovered the best place To launch … Continue reading Let Your Admiration Run Free

Destiny in motion

When the right thing clicks into place, some small mundane detail, or some life decision unknowingly great, the cogs of the universe turn faster, the wheel of fate spins faster; everything is accelerating, in preparation for you to hone in on your destined path, to go to your destined place in the ocean of time and space. * If you’ve unlocked the door, with that … Continue reading Destiny in motion

The Divine Heart

Sly laughter Graceful jealousy Clinging freedom Are these oxymorons? Well that’s the beauty of love, my dear, it can be whatever you want it to be, as long as your beloved agrees. Triumph and jubilation, Loneliness and recuperation, To go through phases is certain, let us dive in and flow through them. I don’t want mindless adoration, or imbalance or submission, Worship me, but let … Continue reading The Divine Heart